Recent Activities

First Site Visit- Totu Ward Sanitation Plan

The first field visit for the preparation of the Totu ward sanitation plan, was undertaken by members from CDD Society, Mr. Sankalp Chandel and Ms. Kristina Egge, between the 13th and 31st of 2014. The field survey including building footprint assessment, orientation of the PIU team to the household level questionnaire, and conduction of field survey in some households. The team from CDD Society familiarised themselves with the area and the team to be working in the area. The team also met Dr. D.P.Singh, the project manager and the Deputy Mayor of Shimla. Major landmarks within the ward were also marked  on GPS. Stakeholder meetings with the ward councillor were also conducted by the CDD Society team. The PIU team continued with the household level primary survey after the return of the CDD Society team

Hand-wash Activity in Shimla on World Toilet Day

On the occasion of World Toilet Day i.e. 19th November, 2015 Project Implementation Unit (PIU) of SMC-EU Project organized “Hand-wash Activity” at Krishnanagar and Downdale (Leprosy Colony) areas of Shimla Municipal Corporation focusing mainly on children, women  & schools within these slum areas. The main motive of the activity was to sensitize public to adopt healthy & hygienic habits in their daily routines along with spreading & sharing the same message to all in their surroundings too.

Hand-wash activity was carried out mainly at Krishnanagar, Lalpani and Downdale. Around 20 residents from Love Kush Chowk and around 45 students and 8 teachers from Govt. Higher school were participated in Krishnanagar. In Lalpani, around 45 students and 5 teachers were participated. 65 participants comprising mainly children and women were participated from Leprosy colony, Downdale.