Project Partners

The project is lead by the MCS. In order to implement that project, MCS has established a project team based at Shimla headed by a senior official Dr. D. P Singh. The project has two Partners, Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association and CDD Society. BORDA and CDD Society is specialized in decentralized sanitation solutions.

Shimla Municipal Corporation

The Municipal corporation Shimla is the main Partners responsible for overall administration and implementation of the project.

Capital of Himachal Pradesh, India

One of the oldest Municipality – 1851

Population – 1.69 Lakhs (Census 2011), Slum Population 6.1%

Area 35 sq. km divided into 25 administrative wards

City Sanitation Plan prepared in 2011

Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association(BORDA)

BORDA is a specialist organisation active in the fields of poverty alleviation, sustainable protection of natural resources and the strengthening of social structures.

Founded in 1977 as non-for-profit organization in Bremen, Germany
Since 1981 supported by the Federal German Ministry for Economic Cooperation & Development (BMZ)
Since 2001 BORDA exclusively facilitates development co-operations that focus on providing “Basic Need Services “ to disadvantaged segments of society

Consortium for DEWATS Dissemination (CDD) Society

CDD Society aims to promote and improve the social, economic and environmental conditions of the less privileged disadvantaged and marginalized people in South Asia through the provision of Decentralised Basic Needs Services.

A not for profit entity registered as society in 2005
Network of organisations to promote decentralised basic needs services
Working towards improvement of living conditions of urban poor by addressing the issues related to wastewater, solid waste and sanitary infrastructure
Service portfolio includes – DEWATS, DESWAM, CBS, CSP, Capacity Building, Research and Development
Main implementation partner of BORDA in India

Centre for Advanced Sanitation Solutions (CASS)

Along with its partners Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation Limited and BORDA, CDD Society established CASS to disseminate knowledge and promote sustainable sanitation solutions.

Established in the year 2011, Bangalore, Karnataka
The Centre is equipped with facilities for conducting training programmes for applied research and knowledge management as well as an interactive exhibition hall.
This Centre serves as a unique one-stop hub for sanitation information and solutions. In light of the serious demand for DEWATS units.